Jason Bonham

July 15th 1966, Born on this day, Jason Bonham, drummer and son of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham. As well as playing with Led Zeppelin, (at Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert and the 02 concert), Jason has worked with Jimmy Page (on his Outrider album), UFO, Foreigner, Steel Dragon, Damnocracy, Airrace, Virginia Wolf, Black Country Communion and Paul Rodgers.



Peter Banks

July 15th 1947, Born on this day, Peter Banks, guitarist, Yes, (1968-70), and Flash. After playing with bassist Chris Squire in the Syn, Banks and Squire helped form Yes in 1968. Banks died aged 65 on 7th March 2013.37184652_10217393314363961_3091653073253171200_n